MicroDermabrasion   $115

The latest, noninvasive skin resurfacing utilizing fine, pure, sodium bicarbonate crystals or diamond wand which were use under both suction and pressure to remove outer layer(s) of skin with little or no recovery time, while providing visual results. Restore skin to its youthful image, by minimizing fine lines, reversing sun damage, lightening hyperpigmentation and removing insightly blackheads. Can be done on all skin types.

Body Parts MicroDermabrasion

Same technique as Microdermabrasion for the face but is performed on the body:
Hands up to Wrist    $45
Full Arms & Hands    $65
Chest Only    $45

For the more serious work: Application of a potent lightening acid to diminish mottled, sun damaged skin, followed by microdermabrasion to resurface and restore uneven skin discolorations. A super rich regenerating treatment cream and sunblock applied to area complete this process.